Treatment Philosophy

Changing Yourself – Changes Everything:


I believe that what is central to the core of our being is satisfaction and contentment with the quality of our relationships. If your usual ways of coping with these relationships are not working or if other situations in your life are problematic, this might mean that you might benefit from the help and support of a therapist.

I believe that I am the kind of therapist who can keep you focused on making choices that reflect your values and beliefs. This can ultimately lead you to a life of greater meaning and satisfaction.  In order for the process to be truly successful a relationship of trust must be developed. The therapeutic techniques that I use are really not as important as the creation and maintenance of this on-going trust.

lovely coupleMy goal is to create an open, honest and respectful relationship in which any and all issues may be freely discussed. My belief is that the benefits of therapy derive not just from the skills of the therapist, but with how well you, as a person, use these skills and ultimately put into practice what you learn from our sessions together.

As you move through the therapeutic process, you become one step closer to a new you in which you feel empowered. This feeling will bring you towards a more positive path to growth and well-being. You will then begin to become aware that you are ready to meet the challenges that brought you to therapy and are ready to make the truly meaningful changes needed in your life.


Remember, Changing Yourself – Changes Everything